Just How Bad Are Ouya’s Paid Conversion Numbers?

Maybe not as bad as the headline writers seem to think.

Durango on the Horizon: Here’s What’s Interesting About Microsoft’s New Xbox

A preview of things to come at today’s Xbox: A New Generation Revealed event.

News Byte

FTC Spanks Apple App Maker for Childrens’ Privacy Violations

This one got lost in yesterday’s news deluge: A developer that made apps for Apple’s iOS devices has paid the U.S. government a $50,000 fine for breaking rules designed to protect children’s privacy on the Web. The Federal Trade Commission charged W3 Innovations, the parent company behind Broken Thumbs Apps, with violations of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act on Friday, and announced a settlement Monday. PaidContent and Ars Technica have good coverage.


Apple: Bandwidth May Not Be the Issue for AT&T iPhone Users

Ars Technica over the weekend published a fascinating piece which theorizes that a lack of raw bandwidth may not be the real issue behind the trouble the Apple iPhone is creating on the AT&T network in densely populated areas like New York and the Bay Area.

iPod Stocks Dwindling in Advance of Sept. 9 Apple Event

If you’re a student planning on taking advantage of Apple’s “Buy a Mac, get a Free iPod touch” back-to-school promotion, you might want to plan a trip to the Apple Store in the very near future. Because sources in the Apple reseller community tell Ars Technica that it looks like the company’s current iPod line is being discontinued.

Reddit’s Ad Experiment Is Good News for Condé Nast. Maybe for Digg, Too.

User-generated news aggregators like Reddit are notoriously difficult sites to pitch to advertisers, but Condé Nast may have figured out how to do it. If it works, it could be promising news for Digg, which has a bigger audience but the same problems.

How Much Is Your Favorite Blog Worth? Less Than It Was a Year Ago (Maybe).

What happens to the value of blogs when advertising craters and big media companies go into a tailspin? Take a guess. But a new list comparing top blog operations isn’t all bad news.

PaidContent's Rafat Ali Speaks! So, Here's Who's Next…

Earlier today, BoomTown broke the stunning-for-blogs news that ContentNext, owner of the popular online digital media news site paidContent, was being bought by the Guardian Media Group for about $30 million in an earn-out acquisition. But the deal–which comes after the mid-May sale of Ars Technica to Condé Nast for a reported $25 million–begs the question of which tech blog might be next to be acquired. And, after much noisy poking around today, BoomTown is giving the nod to one of the sector’s larger and splashier sites: TechCrunch.

Guardian Media Group Buys paidContent for $30 Million

In what will be yet another new media coup, sources tell BoomTown that Britain’s Guardian Media Group will announce this morning that it will buy the digital media news site paidContent for a price “north of $30 million.”

BoomTown's (Well-Timed) April Interview With Ars Technica's Ken Fisher

Since everyone and their mother saw fit to grab and post BoomTown’s video of our interview last month with Ars Technica’s founder Ken Fisher in the wake of its acquisition by Conde Nast to be announced today, we thought we should post it too–since we did it! Boston-based Ars, one the largest and longest-running tech blogs, will become part of CondeNet’s Wired Digital group.

Ars Technica's Ken Fisher Speaks!

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