Like, 4 Real

We will burn the Golden Like and thus bring the act of liking to where it belongs.

— Dutch painter and performance artist Dadara (a.k.a. Daniel Rozenberg), referring to the 30-foot sculpture of a Facebook “Like” that he created for Burning Man this year, where it was widely misinterpreted as a Facebook endorsement

Paperback Version of Jobs Best-Selling Bio to Be Released in Fall, With New Cover Shot of Young Steve

A new look for a new version of the book about tech’s greatest icon.

News Byte

“Nerd Circus” Steam Carnival Reaches $100,000 Kickstarter Goal

Steam Carnival, the STEM-plus-art educational circus that performed earlier this week at D11, has met its $100,000 fundraising goal on Kickstarter. The carnival’s creators, Two Bit Circus, officially announced the news in a message thanking their Kickstarter backers. At the time of this writing, 1,033 backers had pledged $100,901 with 55 hours left for pledges.

Circa’s Matt Galligan on Building a Different Kind of News Reader (Video)

Mobile news apps are hot. Summly just sold for a ridonkulous amount of money, for example. So what’s up with the “atomic bits” list-makers of the San Francisco?

Like a “Like,” but Better: See.Me Lets You Tip Artists With Actual Money

Like a thumbs-up, except you can use it to buy things.

Viral Video: Signs the World Might Be Ending, Part 2 — Honey Boo Boo as Garbage Art

She feels pretty and witty and made of chicken tenders.

Mapping Silicon Valley’s Own Private “iWay”

A San Francisco design firm maps the hidden transit system of the tech elite.

Silicon Wadi: A Visit to GarageGeeks in Israel (Video)

Nerding out in Tel Aviv!

Smithsonian Brings Classic Arcade Games to Life (Video)

Festivities highlighted the opening of a videogame art exhibit at the Smithsonian.

Here Are Some More Yahoo CEO Choices: Liddell, Rosenblatt, Desmond

Let’s throw a few more names on the fire!

Video Meme: Hallelujah for Flash Mobs!

Twitter for the iPad Says Hello!