CEO Thompson Tells Yahoos “Real Change Is Coming” (It’s Exclusive Internal Memo Time!)

The new leader addresses the nervous troops: Once more unto the breach, dear possibly laid-off Yahoos, once more …

Viral Video: “Rebirth” at Ground Zero

The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York happened 10 years ago this fall. So, what’s the best way to remember?

Viral Video: Inside Osama Bin Laden Compound

There might have been tweets right from the Pakistani city of Abbottabad at the time of the attack, but this ABC News video from inside the house where the U.S. raid on al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden took place depicts it in ways 140 characters simply cannot.

Sony To PlayStation Customers: Hackers Got Us, And Now You Too

The hackers who brought Sony’s Playstation Network down for nearly a week have accessed customer information, the company says.

Harmless-Looking USB Cable Could Be Used as Attack Method, Researchers Say

That USB cable is just a connection to a computer or a phone, right? It couldn’t be carrying an attack. Or could it? Researchers at George Mason University say they have found a way to mount an attack using just some malicious code and a USB cable.


Google Android App Attack: Tracking Clues

Computer security researchers trying to crack the recent major software attack on Google’s Android Market for wireless applications are examining digital fingerprints to try to figure out how and why the attack was perpetrated. Slows While Battling DDOS Attack, which hosts this site, was targeted by a distributed denial of service attack today. Users reported extreme slowness this morning, and Automattic switched hosted blogs into read-only mode while combatting the attack, according to a post on its support forum.

ATT Swings Back at Verizon, Showing How Its iPhone Is Great for Procrastinators

In the latest in an escalating war of ads, AT&T highlights the importance of the fact that its iPhone can surf the Web and make calls at the same time. As for holding on to said calls…well, I digress.

Google's Bing Attack Has Larry Page Written All Over It

While he won’t officially take over as CEO of Google until April, the recent full-frontal slapfest on Microsoft’s Bing search engine for shoplifting results from the search giant was so Larry Page in tone and temperament that it brought back memories from many years ago when I covered Google more closely. I would wager that we’re about to see a lot more of this pugnacious, in-your-face tone from Google under Page’s leadership, which could have far-reaching implications for the company.

The Gawker Hack Ripple Hits LinkedIn

Twitter Still Attracting New Users, Phishers