FISA Request Data Could Soon Be Public, With Google Also in Talks With U.S. Government About More Disclosure

Secretive government process might become a little less secretive.


Intel Antitrust Case Heads to State Court

Intel Corp.’s last major antitrust fight, against New York state officials, appears headed to state court after rulings by a federal judge in Delaware.

After the PlayStation Hack, a Legal Pile-On Against Sony

It didn’t take long for Sony to be served with its first lawsuit following the disclosure that its PlayStation Network was hacked. Meanwhile, the number of investigating regulators and outraged U.S. lawmakers is multiplying. Sony’s lawyers are going to be busy.

Antitrust Advocacy Group Says Google-ITA Merger Could Be "Unregulatable Monopoly"

As U.S. regulators continue to ponder the fate of Google’s $700 million acquisition of ITA software, the American Antitrust Institute is speaking out against it.

Texas Wants Google to Spill Its Secrets–Here's the List

The antitrust investigation Google is facing in Texas is quite a bit broader than originally thought. A civil investigative demand sent last July by the office of Attorney General Greg Abbott, and first reported by Bloomberg, reveals an inquiry not just into ad pricing, but site ranking and “the manual overriding or altering of” search results as well.

Google-ITA Deal Frightens Even More Legislators

A few more hurdles for Google to overcome as it works to wrap up its now seven-months-pending acquisition of flight information software company ITA. This week saw two letters of concern sent to the DOJ, one from Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, the other from Rep. Howard Coble and Rep. Thomas Petri.


Google Rejects Connecticut Request for Wi-Fi Data

Connecticut’s attorney general said Friday his office may take legal action against Google Inc. after the Internet company rejected his request to turn over personal data it collected inadvertently from unsecured wireless networks.


Justices Split on Violent Games

The Supreme Court seemed split Tuesday over First Amendment protection for videogames, scrambling the justices’ typical ideological lineup in a conflict between a new medium’s free expression rights and government efforts to shield youth from bad influences.

Google Street View: Chronology of a Cock-Up

Much as Google would like Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to follow the Federal Trade Commission’s lead and close his inquiry into the inadvertent collection of user data by its Street View cars, that seems unlikely. Blumenthal, whose office is spearheading a multistate investigation into Google’s Wi-Fi data-gathering debacle, says he has no plans to end it simply because of some announced improvements to the company’s privacy practices.


Texas AG Probing Google's Searches

The Texas attorney general’s office is conducting an antitrust review of Google Inc.’s core search-engine business, a sign of widening government scrutiny of the Web giant. Texas’s top prosecutor has inquired about allegations by several small companies that Google unfairly demoted their rankings in search results or the placement of their advertisements on the search engine, Google said Friday.

Another Bloodletting at Microsoft

Weekend Update, 05.23.09