Mixamo Aims to “Democratize” Motion Capture, Keep Dots Off People’s Faces

Mixamo unveils software that hopes to make anyone with a Webcam into a motion-capture actor.
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Kevin Spacey Goes All House-of-Cards on Hollywood (Video)

Thus spake Francis Underwood: “There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain.”

A Passive Newsreader App: Guide Wants Its Avatars to Read Your News

A Miami-based startup is working on a wacky app where avatars present users with stories from their favorite news sites.

Activision’s Call of Duty Hits $1 Billion in Sales in 15 Days

It took one day to hit $500 million in sales, and another two weeks to double that.

Robert Downey Jr. Reports for Duty to Help Activision Sell More Black Ops II (Video)

Guess who brought a jet to a gunfight? Downey did!

What About “Terminator 2”?

If the Titanic happened does that mean Avatar happened???

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Deep Diver James Cameron Talked Ocean Geekery Way Back at D8

His love of the sea goes on (and deep this time).

Non-Fairytale Ending for 2011 Movie B.O. — Time to Blame the Internet Again (Or Just Bad Movies)?

Should Hollywood blame turkeys like “New Year’s Eve,” or all those beeping, buzzing digital devices?

Activision’s Call of Duty Hits $1 Billion in Sales in 16 Days

Activision’s first-person shooter has hit $1 billion in sales, officially beating the blockbuster film “Avatar,” which took 17 days to achieve that milestone.

The Sky People Have Spoken

The release of Avatar … represented the pivotal moment for digital cinema, with digital technology forming the bedrock of the modern cinema environment.

David Hancock, an analyst with IHS Screen Digest, names Avatar as the major catalyst in the accelerating decline of 35mm celluloid.