Video Boom Forces Verizon to Upgrade Network

Laboring under a surprising load of online-video traffic, Verizon Wireless has had to spend millions more this year to upgrade its network.


EU to Launch Net Neutrality Strategy

New European rules on net neutrality will oblige Internet service providers to be transparent about connection speed and stop blocking competing services such as Microsoft Corp.’s Skype, European Union technology chief Neelie Kroes said Tuesday.

Denial of Service Attacks Are Getting Bigger and Badder

A fire hose with 700 percent more unwanted water than before.


Internet Pricing: The Next Policy Frontier

Usage-based pricing is not inherently anticompetitive or anti-consumer: Those who value the network more pay more.


Understanding the New Boom in Subscriptions

Businesses optimize for efficiency. Customers optimize for happiness.


Gangnam Bandwidth, American Style

For most Americans, five years from now, the best network available to them will be the same network they have today.


Bandwidth Hog Netflix to Help Cablevision Manage Network Demands

Netflix Inc. knows its video streaming service hogs a lot of bandwidth. Tuesday it announced its first deal with a major U.S. cable operator, Cablevision Systems Corp., to ease the burden.


French Government, ISPs Want Google, Others to Invest in Infrastructure

The French government is studying ways to push large Web companies to pay local Internet providers more for the bandwidth being used, a minister said Monday, in a sign of how European countries are intensifying efforts to wring revenue out of largely American businesses such as Google Inc.

Some of You Need a YouTubePhone

You can do all sorts of amazing things with mobile phones these days. But many of you, it seems, are content to use your handset as a YouTube delivery device. A new study says the site accounts for a fifth of mobile bandwidth usage worldwide.

Verizon to Butcher Speeds of Data Hogs

What an odd coincidence. Verizon Wireless introduced a new policy today that gives it the right to throttle the data speeds of its heaviest bandwidth users-–just as it began accepting pre-orders for the new CDMA iPhone.

Palm, Qualcomm Chiefs Weigh Wireless Future