IAC’s Barry Diller and CNN’s Jeff Zucker: The Full D11 Interview (Video)

The two media execs talk Aereo, the future of the TV bundle and the “poo-poo cruise.”


Chairman & Senior Executive
Chairman & Senior Executive

There is no better tell-it-like-it-is exec in digital media than the razor-sharp Barry Diller, who is returning to the D stage. Born in San Francisco and raised in Beverly Hills, Diller is the chairman and senior executive of both IAC and Expedia, and has made an aggressive investment in Aereo, the Web TV service that main- stream TV networks abhor. Prior to this, Diller served as chief executive for a number of companies, including Fox Inc., where he created Fox Broadcasting Company; and Paramount Pictures Corporation. Before joining Paramount, he served as VP of prime-time television for ABC Entertainment.

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Airbnb Is Good for Lonely People, Says Barry Diller

Airbnb is primarily additive. I don’t think it’s stealing much share from urban hotels. I think it’s serving people who didn’t travel because they were scared, or couldn’t afford it, or use it because it’s an antidote to loneliness. A room in someone’s house is not as valuable as a room at the Helmsley.

IAC’s Barry Diller, whose portfolio includes both Expedia and Match.com, talking to Bloomberg Businessweek


Judge Orders Shutdown of a TV Streaming Service

A federal court on Thursday ordered the shutdown of FilmOn X’s broadcast streaming services. The ruling also creates uncertainty about the expansion plans of rival Internet service Aereo Inc.

CollegeHumor CEO Paul Greenberg Leaves

Meanwhile, IAC’s comedy site rolls out “Coffee Town,” its feature film.


A Crisis of Consolidation

TV Everywhere continues to face multiple obstacles.

News Byte

Barry Diller and Steve Chen Back the ZuckerPAC

FWD.us, the political action group founded by Mark Zuckerberg, announced Friday that IAC chief Barry Diller and YouTube co-founder Steve Chen are now supporters of the group. FWD.us aims to help spur change in immigration reform with its D.C. lobbying efforts — which recently came under scrutiny and resulted in the departures of former supporters Elon Musk and David Sacks.

Electric Cars, Wearable Computing and TV Disruption — 10 Things You Missed During the First Two Days of D11

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IAC’s Barry Diller and CNN’s Jeff Zucker: The Full D11 Interview (Video)

The two media execs talk Aereo, the future of the TV bundle and the “poo-poo cruise.”

Zucker and Diller on Aereo: Who Gets Paid and How?

If consumers are entitled to free, over-the-air broadcasts, how are broadcasters going to be paid for their content?

Diller, Zucker Talk Aereo, “Creative Destruction” and the “Poo-Poo Cruise”

One man trying to create TV for the future, another trying to reinvent TV of the past.

Hey, Big Spender!

I got seduced into Newsweek.

— IAC’s Barry Diller, explaining his ill-fated decision to buy the magazine he has stopped printing, at the D: All Things Digital conference. Unexplained: The seducer’s identity.

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