No Cheap Shots With This $300 Bluetooth Basketball

The future of basketball looks pretty high-tech. (You still have to practice.)
InfoMotion Basketball

Five Questions About Basketball, Tech and Kickstarter for Vantage Sports’ Cameron Tangney

The CTO of Vantage Sports talks about ProScout, an NBA advanced analytics Kickstarter project, and the impact of technology on professional sports.

NAMG Confirms It Has Bought Scout From Fox Networks Group in Dude-Focused Content Roll-Up Bid

Another network aimed at dudes.

MLG Partners With Relativity Media to Turn Its Professional Gamers Into Mainstream Celebrities

Extreme Makeover: E-Sports Edition?

Twitter’s New Video Plan: Ads, Brought to You by Ads

And you can see it right now.

HP’s Future, ESPN’s March Madness and Jerry Yang Strikes Back: The AllThingsD Week in Review 3/17/13 — 3/23/13

The Top 10 stories of the week, in one convenient serving.

New Bluetooth Basketball Analyzes Your Shooting, Dribbling Skills

Just in time for March Madness, InfoMotion is launching a Kickstarter campaign for a high-tech basketball. Get ready to shell out.

Spogo App Lets You Bet on Live Sports (Sort Of)

But what are the odds that sports fans will go for it?

Nike’s New High-Tech Sneakers Will Tell You How Much Air You Got on That Dunk

Nike continues to push the idea of the “digitally connected” athlete. The latest? Basketball sneakers that measure your vertical.

More Free Web TV Disappears: Some March Madness Games Will Go Behind Paywall

Last year you could even watch the games on an iPad app without paying a penny. That’s all over now.