Inside China’s Version of Silicon Valley

On the outside, China’s answer to Silicon Valley doesn’t look the part: It’s a crowded mass of electronics malls, fast-food joints and office buildings in northwest Beijing, bisected by congested highways.

ATD Week in Review: The Inside Story of Microkia, Apple in China and Yahoo’s Fashion Model Logo

The week in AllThingsD, in one convenient post. You’re welcome!
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa shake on the $7 billion deal.

Apple Will Hold Satellite iPhone Events in Beijing, Berlin and Tokyo

Apple has held events like these before, but never in China — home to China Mobile, the world’s largest wireless carrier.

After Zynga Confirms 18 Percent Layoffs, It Lowers Guidance in All-In Mobile Move

More tough choices for the troubled gaming company.

Zynga to Lay Off 520 Employees — 18 Percent of Staff — and Shutter New York and LA Offices in Refocus on Mobile

Right-sizing the gaming giant for the mobile market.

Tesla’s Musk: This Is the Year We Make Money

More stores, more charging stations, more profits.

NBC Holds One Last Olympic Victory Dance

The moral of the story: People really like to watch TV — even if they like to tweet otherwise.

These Start-Ups Aren’t Goofing Off When It Comes to Microsoft’s Kinect

Eleven companies presented today to show off how they plan to use Microsoft’s motion-controlled Kinect accessory for applications beyond gaming.


Sina, Tencent Shut Down Commenting on Microblogs

China has mounted a broad Internet crackdown.

Did Tim Cook Pay a Call on China Mobile to Talk iPhone?

Apple CEO Tim Cook traveled to China earlier this week to discuss intellectual property issues and greater cooperation, and perhaps something else: An iPhone deal with China Mobile.

IPhone 4 Shortages in China