Cash Flow and Destiny

Until you generate cash, you must heed investors, even when they are wrong.


Shared Command

If Zynga’s new management structure is indeed shared command, that will be a big problem.

Former SuccessFactors CEO Lars Dalgaard Joins Andreessen Horowitz

Don’t expect him to just be an enterprise guy, either.

Software Ate My Homework

There are extremely positive things going on, but the way we live and interact with each other is definitely changing in ways that we don’t understand.

Ben Horowitz, in a video interview with Quentin Hardy of the New York Times

Mayer’s 10X Challenge: Yahoo’s Homepage, Mail and Search Traffic Show Significant Year-Over-Year Declines

The reality of traffic falloffs on key properties is a vexing issue.


Hire Different!

The right candidate for a job will often feel risky to you from the cultural fit point of view.

Ben Horowitz to Facebook: No Biggie, I Had a Terrible IPO, Too

Sage advice for Facebook, and an apt comparison from the famed Silicon Valley investor.


One on One

Generally, people who think one-on-one meetings are a bad idea have been victims of poorly designed one-on-one meetings.

Ten Things About Me

25 Things About Ben Horowitz

Good Times, indeed.