Get Ready for More Tech Acquisitions This Year, Just Not Big Ones

A faster pace for smaller targets.

How Hard Will Weak PC Sales Hit Intel?

We’ll know in a few days.

Wall Street to the TV Guys: Please Bail on Broadcast for Cable!

It’s not happening soon. But investors like the idea.

Bombs Away! Web Ads Miss Their Target, All the Time.

The Internet is supposed to give advertisers pinpoint accuracy. But they’re still throwing away half their money.

Nokia’s Lumia: New Dawn or Dawn of the Dead?

Is Nokia’s Lumia a serious contender or “worryingly uncompetitive?”

Nokia: If Windows Phone Doesn’t Work Out, There’s Always the Rubber Boot Option

Does Nokia still have a shot at regaining its competitive edge?

RIM Downgraded From “Can’t Get Worse” to “Worse”

Remember a few weeks back when Bernstein & Co.’s Pierre Ferragu said things couldn’t get any worse for Research In Motion? He’s changed his mind.

Time Not On Nokia's Side

The transition from Symbian to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is one of the more challenging parts of Nokia’s new mobile alliance with Microsoft. Implementing a new strategy like this takes time, something that’s in short supply in the fast moving mobile market. And with Nokia complicating its roll-out with joint product roadmaps and shared responsibilities, some observers are beginning to wonder if the company will suffer more smartphone market share losses before it enjoys any gains.

Bernstein Argues ATT-T-Mobile May Lead to Higher Prices, But Says That’s Not So Bad

After all, Europeans pay more for data, but also have better infrastructure. If the carriers had higher profit margins, the analyst firm argues, maybe the U.S. would have better quality too.

Apple's Area 51: The Truth Is Out There

Scheduled to go live sometime this spring, Apple’s 505,000-square-foot North Carolina data center is, according to COO Tim Cook, intended to support iTunes and MobileMe. But we don’t yet know in what capacity, and Cook’s remark, which is at once unambiguous and utterly cryptic, leaves plenty of room for speculation. And theories about the potential capabilities of this new facility abound.

Nokia: Big and Slow

Apple Selling .434 iPads Per Second

Big Red in the Red