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Not the Singles Lady — Apple Says Beyoncé Album Breaks Record

Apple said the new self-titled album from music superstar Beyoncé had sold 828,773 copies since it was released exclusively by the iTunes Store three days ago. The company said that made it the fastest-selling album ever on the music-selling site. U.S. album sales totaled 617,213 for a work that included 14 new songs and 17 videos.

The Super Bowl of Super Bowl Liveblogs

Mixing her passion for sports and tech, AllThingsD’s Ina Fried offers live analysis of the game, the commercials — and the reaction to the game and the commercials.

Q4 Earnings Call: Mayer Says “Chain Reaction” Needed to Blast Yahoo Into the Future

Turnaround via nuclear fission.

Last Night’s VMAs, Now on Twitter and YouTube

Didn’t watch MTV’s award show? No need.

Viral Video: Apple Fan Girl (Who Runs the World) Beyoncé

This is a spoof from Electric Spoofaloo of Beyoncé’s “Girls (Who Rule The World)” mashed up with Apple’s retail stores. Okay, it’s Friday.

Viral Video: Adorable Tyke Dancing With Less Adorable Adults

This video is clearly cooked up for virality, but BoomTown fell for it anyway. In it, a cute little girl starts dancing like any kid would, but is soon joined by a bunch of adults and begins a choreographed number that would do Beyoncé proud. And then at the end, the kicker: It is all part of an ad for Samsung’s Galaxy 580 mobile phone. Giant, prolonged, I-was-totally-snookered sigh.

How to Cram Most of the Web Into One Super Bowl Ad–And Not Sell TVs

Google got a second ad for free last night: A Vizio ad that promoted YouTube, along with a slew of other Web services. But the ad did a lousy job of promoting the company’s Internet-connected TVs. Pity, because it actually has something cool to pitch.

Viral Video: Get Out Your 3-D Glasses for the Michael Jackson Grammy Tribute (Plus Colbert and the iPad)

While an iPad in the wild–held up by Stephen Colbert–got a lot of ink, here’s a video from last night’s Grammy Awards, which went all “Avatar” during a tribute to the late Michael Jackson–when a panoply of belt-it-out singers performed one of his posthumous songs with a 3-D twist. In fact, much of the audience was wearing 3-D glasses–including Beyoncé, pictured here–to properly experience the performance of “Earth Song” and its accompanying film, which was supposed to be part of Jackson’s “This Is It” tour.


Pomplamoose: Inspired by Avant-Garde Film and Michael Jackson, a Hit on YouTube

Indie rockers Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte are pioneers in the new VideoSong movement, soon to hit a computer near you. The Stanford University graduates in the summer of 2008 formed the band Pomplamoose, recording high-energy video covers of popular tunes like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

Viral Video: All the Single Babies

Here’s the latest Internet sensation that spoofs Beyoncé’s “All the Single Ladies” hit music video. This time it is tiny Cory Elliott, getting down with a diaper when he was 13 months old.

Can Music Sales Get Any Worse? Just Watch.