WikiLeaks Prank Targets New York Times

That Bill Keller op-ed defending WikiLeaks was fake, says Bill Keller.

An Attack on WikiLeaks Is an Implicit Attack on Media

You don’t have to embrace Julian Assange as a kindred spirit to believe that what he did in publishing those cables falls under the protection of the First Amendment.

— Former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller, in an email to GigaOM’s Mathew Ingram in response to a post by Ingram entitled “First they came for WikiLeaks, then the New York Times”

Radical Transparency

When Rupert invades your privacy … it’s against the law. When Mark does, it’s the future.

— Former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller, from an op-ed entitled “Wising up to Facebook”

At Bloomberg, Twitter Grabs an Unlikely Convert

A year ago, Bloomberg’s top editor was chiding reporters who used the service. Now he’s on board, too. But don’t expect any “Twitter makes you stupid” debates.

Godspeed on That Investing Thing, Yertle–But I Still Have Some Questions for Your Boss, Arianna

Would it surprise you to know that BoomTown doesn’t really care anymore if TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington sidelines as a blogger while he makes investments in tech companies his tech news site covers? Especially after reading his post yesterday that made a good argument about who he is and, frankly, who he has always been. But that does not mean his boss, AOL content head Arianna Huffington, doesn’t have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Arianna Huffington To Bill Keller: Who You Calling "Oxpecker"?

AOL’s highest-profile employee volleys back at the New York Times: You’re out of touch, we do serious work, and you ripped off my words. This is getting good!

The New York Times Officially Starts Construction on Its Pay Wall: “Metered Model” Coming 2011

After much consideration, the New York Times has finally decided to start charging readers for access to its Web site. But not for a while: The Times says it will introduce a “metered model” for in 2011.

Who’s Joining Steve Jobs for the Tablet Launch Next Week?

Apple is set to show off a shiny new device, which means the company needs shiny new media products to show off, too. Like what? Some educated guesses: Expect stuff from Disney and the New York Times, but not from the music labels.

Condé Nast’s Offering for Apple’s Mystery Tablet: Wired Magazine

Here’s yet another content creator that’s convinced Apple has a tablet device in the works: Condé Nast says it will have a digital version of Wired magazine ready for the purported gadget by the middle of next year and will eventually create similar versions for all of its 18 titles. But Condé, like other publishers, says Apple won’t actually talk to the company about its plans for the device–or even acknowledge that it has plans.

What Does the New York Times Really Know About Apple’s Tablet? “I Ain’t Sayin’,” Says Editor Bill Keller.

All the news we can’t tell you about? Most publishers can’t even get Apple to acknowledge that it’s working on a tablet, but maybe the newspaper of record has more pull. In any event, its top editor is staying mostly mum.

New York Times to Sack 100 Staffers

New York Times Cuts Salaries, Jobs