Yahoo Buys Qwiki for About $50 Million (Like ATD Said)

Yep — more mobile for Marissa Mayer.

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Computing Pioneer Ada Lovelace Gets Deserved Google Doodle

Google does commemorative logos — called Google Doodles — pretty regularly now. But today, it’s a much-deserved tip-of-the-pen to celebrate the 197th birthday of Ada Lovelace, a woman who is one of computing’s earliest pioneers. She was a collaborator of Charles Babbage, designer of the ground-breaking mechanical computers — which he never actually built — the Difference Engine and the Analytical Engine. Lovelace’s notes on the Analytical Engine are considered to be among the first algorithms created; she also theorized about the larger potential of computers beyond mathematics, including to make music. All that with just a quill and some paper.

Facebook Gift Event Also Gets Blown Out of NYC by Hurricane Sandy

An early lump of coal, courtesy of Frankenstorm.

Steve Wozniak’s Surprise Birthday Party, in Photos

Happy birthday, Woz. Now, let’s play Tetris.

By the Big Numbers: The Apple iPhone, Five Years Later (Infographic)

“Siri, what type of cake do smartphones eat?” One with a lot of candles. The iPhone’s fifth birthday, by the numbers.

Happy 100th Birthday, Alan Turing. Love, Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley certainly owes a lot to the famed British codebreaker and math genius.

At 28, Few Tech Titans Could Hold a Candle to Zuck

Happy birthday, Mr. Zuckerberg. Where were your fellow tech luminaries when they turned 28?

High Five to — Happy Birthday to Us

No presents but your presence, dear readers.

Happy Sixth Birthday, Twitter

Twitter’s still in its honeymoon period, but that won’t last forever. At some point, it’s going to be less of a wunderkammer, and more of a regrettable necessity.

— Reuters finance blogger Felix Salmon, in an article entitled “Why Twitter will get more annoying”

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To Twitter, on Your Sixth Birthday

It’s Twitter’s sixth birthday today, counting from when Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet on March 21, 2006. According to Wikipedia, here are some child development markers we can expect from a 6-year-old: “Movements are more precise and deliberate, though some clumsiness persists”; “span of attention increases; can concentrate effort but not always consistently”; “loves telling jokes and riddles; often, the humor is far from subtle.” Sounds about right!

Viral Video: Happy 100th Birthday to IBM!

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