Samsung Acquires Set-Top Box Maker Boxee

Boxee gets its buyer.

Boxee Wants a Big Round or a Buyer

The Web TV startup has been looking for $30 million, or an exit, for months.

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Amazon TV Set-Top Box Reportedly in the Works

There has been chatter in the past about Amazon’s interest in selling a set-top box to advance its video businesses and compete with similar accessories like Apple TV, Boxee and Roku (and, as Peter Kafka reported in September, even word that it had made a bid to buy Roku). But the talk freshened today, with sources telling Bloomberg Businessweek that a team of video hardware vets at Amazon’s Lab126 is developing such a device, and aiming for a fall debut.

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New Boxee TV Will Be Sold at Walmart

Boxee’s newest device, a $99 hybrid basic-cable-plus-Web-apps box that comes with a cloud DVR service, will be sold in 3,000 U.S. Walmart stores this holiday season, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. The Walmart distribution could bring some needed visibility to start-up Boxee, which sold 120,000 devices last year, and has struggled to compete with Roku and Apple TV.

Roku’s New Streaming Stick for TVs Lets You Ditch the Set-Top Box

Roku’s newest device compresses all your favorite Web video apps into a tiny stick, but it comes with one major catch.

Boxee Looks to Reinvent Itself with Cloud-Based DVR Box

The start-up company is putting all of its eggs into one Boxee basket.

Dennis Crowley, Best Buy Spokesguy (Video)

Sort of like Zoolander! But with a Samsung.

Roku Plays Nice With Cable Guys

Get ready for an app explosion, Roku says — including ones from cable providers.

Roku to Launch Cordless Streaming Stick for TVs

Roku, maker of set-top boxes that stream media like Netflix and Angry Birds to TVs, is hoping its new Streaming Stick will offer all the bells and whistles of “smart” TV sets.

Boxee to Release Last Software Update for PCs

Boxee, maker of that irregular-shaped video-streaming device with the nifty Qwerty remote, is turning its focus toward TV boxes and tablets, and away from its PC software.

Boxee Goes Hunting for Big Bucks