Stanford Human-Computer Interaction Expert Cliff Nass Dies at 55

Silicon Valley has lost a beautiful mind.


Scientists Use Videogames to Improve Older Brains

In the future, your doctor may prescribe you a videogame.

Mind Games: Will Brain Power Be the Future of Play?

The search for a game-changer at a neurogaming conference this week in San Francisco.

Endless Marathon: A Health Setback for Brett Bullington

Send all good thoughts his way, please.


Government Embarks on Brain Map

The U.S. government is planning a large-scale project that seeks to create the most comprehensive map of the human brain assembled so far, according to scientists involved in the project.

Talking Brains and Immortality With Ray Kurzweil and Juan Enriquez (Video)

Imagine your brain in the cloud. Any questions?

Something to Be Thankful For: Brett Bullington’s Recovery Path Is Made by Walking (Video)

The beloved Silicon Valley exec and investor is on the mend.


When Gaming Is Good for You

Videogames can change a person’s brain and, as researchers are finding, often that change is for the better.

Get Your Zombie-Eaten Brain Ready for Some Big-Think Tech Books

Time for some reading beyond 140 characters!

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