Good Eggs Nabs $8.5 Million from Sequoia and Others for Local Farm-to-Fridge Effort (Video)

Founder Rob Spiro talks about getting sustainable food to consumers.

Despite Controversy in Austin and Philly, Ride-Sharing Service SideCar Expands to Boston, Brooklyn and Chicago

SideCar’s last two launches included a sting, a lawsuit and 20,000 free rides requested, so this should be exciting.

Viral Video: “Girls” as a Horror Movie

It’s scary being a Brooklyn hipster in your twenties.

Etsy Acquires Mixel for Mobile Team

A better native app is in Etsy’s mobile future.

A Not-So-Happy Thanksgiving From Larry David (Video)

We’re thankful for bacon-wrapped turkey.

NYC Late-Night Hosts’ Audience-Free Monologues, Courtesy of Sandy

Don’t everyone laugh at once.

Hurricane Sandy’s Instagram Moment, Minus the ’Shopped Shots

Separating the real from the ’shopped.

News Byte

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures Raises $3.5 Million

Charlie O’Donnell’s Brooklyn Bridge Ventures early-stage fund has raised its first $3.5 million, led by commitments from Two Sigma Ventures and Jeffrey Citron’s KEC holdings. O’Donnell hopes to raise up to $10 million for the fund, which he says is the first Brooklyn-based VC fund.

Inside Etsy’s Gambit to Hire More Female Engineers

As part of Etsy VP Engineering Marc Hedlund’s efforts to recruit female candidates to his team, he gathered $126,000 in grants for women to attend a programming school.

Hottest. Smartphone. Ever.

Mossberg Does Moby: Video and More!