A Blueprint for a Massive Mobile Company

The history of the toolbar provides an analog for mobile today.

Amazon Kills Zombies, Keeps John Goodman as It Plans First Season of Web Series

Amazon starts ordering its first set of TV series. It says you helped them decide.


How and Why We Track: Confessions of an Ad “Tracking” Company

By most estimates, the first online ad appeared roughly 20 years ago. As a technology, cookies have been used for almost as long.

Dear Brussels, You Are Fighting Last Century’s Battles

Why do European regulators spend so much time policing an aging desktop monopoly when the rest of the world has gone mobile?


EU Fines Microsoft $732 Million

Microsoft Corp. has been hit with a €561 million ($732.2 million) fine by European Union regulators after it broke its promise to offer millions of users of its Windows system a choice of rival Web browsers.

Opera Buying Rival Mobile Browser Skyfire

The cash-and-stock deal calls for a $50 million initial payment and contains a variety of performance-based earn outs that could eventually make the deal worth more than $150 million.

Fast-Growing Chinese Mobile Browser Maker UCWeb Hits 400 Million Users

The company said it now has 25 percent market share in India to go along with 50 percent share in China and greater than 10 percent share in four other countries.


Professor to Try to Salvage Troubled “Do Not Track” Deal

Web users who want to turn off tracking must install tracking files from more than 100 companies.

Chinese Mobile Browser Maker UCWeb Aims for a Billion Users

The explosive growth of Android is giving the company 300,000 new customers each day — enough users to build a profitable business, its CEO tells AllThingsD.

Tech Pundits Take iPhone Complaints Directly to the Source on “Saturday Night Live”

Whiny tech bloggers, meet Chinese assembly-line workers.

A Web Ad That Tells You It's Stalking You