Motorola’s Moto G Might Stand for “Great” Budget Phone

Willing to sacrifice 4G/LTE? Moto G, at $179, is the mid-range, contract-free phone to beat.

iPhone 5c Was Always Planned as Mid-Tier, Not Low-End, Says Cook

“Our entry iPhone is the iPhone 4s.”

U.S. Government Blew $321 Million on Redundant IT Programs

Not exactly an efficient use of resources.

Mayer’s 10X Challenge: Yahoo’s Homepage, Mail and Search Traffic Show Significant Year-Over-Year Declines

The reality of traffic falloffs on key properties is a vexing issue.

Viral Video: Awesome Asian Bad Guys Are Awesome

“These badasses were often cooler than the heroes they fought, but they’d usually have a two-minute lifespan before they were mortally wounded or beaten to a pulp.”

As Yahoo Readies Doling Out Alibaba Billions to Shareholders, Mayer Memo Says Tech Reporters Can’t Add

One plus one equals — wait, I am stumped …

Samsung’s Galaxy Stellar Has Two Interfaces: One for Techies and One for Newbies

Samsung’s new budget phone is aimed at smartphone newbies.

T-Mobile’s $20 Prism Sacrifices Speed, but Not Call Quality

T-Mobile aims its $20 Prism at first-time smartphone buyers. But is it worth it to scrimp?


Crowdsourcing Deficit Reduction

Can the Internet help balance the budget? Amid the conflict in Washington over how to reduce the deficit, two heavyweight computer scientists in the Bay Area have launched a website that aims to find politically palatable solutions, in part by giving ordinary citizens a voice on the matter.

Viral Video: Our Nation’s Capital in Real Time

Despite all politicians’ efforts to make us hate Washington, D.C, this week, here is another, lovelier, look at the place.