Poshmark Stitches Up $12 Million in Funding for Its iPhone Thrift Store

Poshmark marketplace allows users to sell unwanted clothing online with nothing but an iPhone.

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More TV Buyers Look to LED Screens

For the first time, more U.S. TV buyers are looking to purchase LED TVs rather than cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) TVs, according to a new report from IHS iSuppli. Consumers who planned to buy an LED-backlit TV jumped to 54 percent in the last quarter of the year, a 32 percent increase from the third quarter; the share of CCFL-backlit LCD TVs dropped to 25 percent from 56 percent. The report comes just a couple days after Samsung, the world’s largest LCD-panel maker, said it would spin off its LCD business to focus more on higher-margin OLED screens.

Twitter Tells Advertisers to Dig Deeper: "Promoted Trends" Get a Price Hike

Twitter’s popular ad units could see prices go up by 25 percent or more in the next few months. Also: Here’s how “Promoted Accounts” really work, and how much a new follower will cost you.

Stock Trades Near 52-week High on Message That It's an All "New eBay"

Two years ago, eBay’s CEO John Donahoe promised Wall Street analysts massive changes to improve the company’s e-commerce experience. Today, he says it’s all “new eBay.”

Myspace Plans to Lay Off 550 to 600 Employees Tomorrow

Myspace is finalizing plans to lay off 550 to 600 of its staff of 1,000 tomorrow, as its parent, News Corp., looks for a buyer.

Viacom Sold Rock Band for a Song. A Really, Really Cheap Song.

If you’ve got $49.99, you can buy a copy of “Rock Band 3.” Or you could have bought the company that makes the videogame. Ouch.

A Fall Guide: How to Pick Your Next Computer

The biggest question for some buyers this fall will be whether to get a tablet or a laptop, now that Apple’s iPad is a proven hit and a flood of competitors is on the way.

2010 Could Be the Year of the Display Ad. Or the Cable TV Ad. Take Your Pick.

There are a whole lot of people–from scrappy start-ups to publishers to–betting that display advertising is finally going to start picking up on the Web. This may be the year they’re right!

Harbinger Bets That Palm’s Hand Is Better Than You Think

Somebody, somewhere is going to buy Palm. And whoever that is will end up paying more for the company than the market thinks it’s worth today. At least, that’s what Harbinger Capital hopes now that it owns 10 percent of Palm.

Survey: 58 Percent of iPad Owners With Kindles Say iPad Will Replace Amazon’s E-Reader

An interesting data point from the first of many Monday morning analyst notes on the iPad’s weekend launch. Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster surveyed 448 iPad buyers Saturday, asking about the size of the device they were purchasing and their reasons for doing so, and found that 13 percent owned a Kindle. Of those, 58 percent said the iPad would replace Amazon’s device as their e-book reader.

Kindle’s Killer App: A Price Cut

Nokia Slashes Prices