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Bzzt! No, Wait, Buzzzzz. Immersion Opens Up Its Library of Haptic Effects.

It’s not going to rock your world, but a new app might subtly nudge it. Immersion, a publicly traded designer of haptic vibrations that can be integrated into hardware and software, has published a free app to showcase its mobile SDK’s library of more than 100 effects for Android games. Haptic Muse will be only a curiosity for non-Android developers, but the user-friendly “map” design is aimed at showing off how well different types of vibrations work in the context of different types of games.

Woody Speaks Mandarin: Disney Brings Chinese-Language Apps to iPad

到无穷大和超越! (To infinity and beyond!)

In Memoriam: Tech Products We Lost Too Soon

While many are offering their tech predictions for 2012, we thought we’d take a moment to remember those that have gone to the tech-product graveyard.

LinkedIn: Have a Creative, Dynamic, Problem-Solving New Year

Ah, corporate buzzwords. They’re enough to kill the forward-looking momentum in any strategic, synergistic meeting. And yet they’re used all the time in LinkedIn profiles.

Google Gets a Like Button: Users Can Recommend Search Results With +1

Google today will start rolling out a social search feature it is calling +1. The product is much more limited than sharing tools from other services like Facebook, Twitter and Delicious, but since it will influence Google search results, it’s significant.

Google, With Prodding From Feds, Apologizes For Buzz, Again

Remember Buzz? Google’s ham-handed attempt at a Twitter competitor, launched last year, remains a case study on how not to do social. We got a reminder of that today, when Google settled Federal Trade Commission privacy violation charges in connection with the service.

Rupert Murdoch Gives Guests a Sneak Peek of Tomorrow's "Daily" Tonight. Here's What They'll See.

The best ticket in town is the one that gets you into the News Corp. CEO’s apartment for a look at his long-awaited iPad newspaper tonight. I don’t have one! But I’ve got a pretty good idea of what his guests get to gawk at.

What’s In Store for Technology in 2011

Walt looks at the products and competitive positions of key contenders as they enter a new year.

Following Layoffs, Yahoo Cuts Products: MyBlogLog, Delicious, Yahoo! Buzz

At an all-hands meeting for the Yahoo product team following a round of layoffs yesterday that significantly impacted that group, Chief Product Officer Blake Irving announced plans to “sunset” eight products.


Tweeting to Sell Cars

Car companies have long tapped high-profile celebrities to spread word of mouth about new cars by test driving them around town. Now they are turning to a similarly powerful but cheaper source: young social-media influencers who have strong online followings.

Viral Video: "The Black Swan"

Gmail Goes Social With Google Buzz