Shazam Hires Hulu Sales Exec as Chief Revenue Officer

The new hire will be expected to develop new TV industry partnerships.

Coursera Adds Kleiner Perkins Partner Lila Ibrahim as President

That’s a lot of leadership at the top of the growing startup, which was founded less than two years ago.

Take a Trip Down Music-Startup Memory Lane. Don’t Trip on All the Craters.

RIP, just about every digital music startup that existed in 2007.

Carlos Slim’s America Movil Pumps $40 Million Investment Into Shazam

Can the new funding help the music discovery app make a successful transition to TV?

What Assange, Slim, Kissinger and Others Told Eric Schmidt for His New Book

“It is hard to imagine de Gaulles and Churchills appealing in the world of Facebook,” said Henry Kissinger.

News Byte

Want to Lend the New York Times Some Money?

The publisher says it will launch a $200 million debt offering, and will use the money for “general corporate purposes including, among other things, to pay down debt and other financial obligations.” The company had previously announced that it would pay off the $250 million it owes Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim ahead of schedule, but didn’t say where it would get the money. So go ahead and connect a dot or two if you’d like.

Google Zeitgeist: Cirque du Soleil and Free Google TVs

Quite an Oprah moment at Google Zeitgeist today. A source who’s attending the event–which is wrapping up today in Paradise Valley, Ariz.–tells me that attendees got a doozy of a parting gift: A Google TV/Bravia/Dish bundle–with complimentary Geek Squad installation!

Carlos Slim Still Not Buying the New York Times

And Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead. But don’t tell that to the investors buying up NYT shares today.

Weekend Update 03.13.10–North by Northwest Edition

With virtually every twittery, techie media fanboy and girl swarming all over the greater Austin area this week, it feels a little empty in the Bay Area. The sun is shining, but Dolores park is just a little emptier. There are fewer fixed-gear bikes darting between cars around the Mission District, and convenience store shelves are overflowing with unpurchased Pabst Blue Ribbon. Neither rain, nor snow, nor a hipster-packed BBQ joint can keep AllThingsD from our appointed post, though.

Rich Dude Who Backed New York Times Bumps Tech's Gates as World's Wealthiest Man

Microsoft bigwig Bill Gates got hip-checked off the top perch as the richest man in the world by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim on the annual Forbes list of the world’s Richie Richs. Often in the No. 1 spot, Gates actually got shoved off in 2008 by investor Warren Buffett (now No. 3), with whom he is good friends. Gates returned to the top rank in 2009, and now Slim–a telecom and more tycoon–has surpassed Gates’s net worth of $53 billion slightly with a $53.5 billion kitty.

(Long) Weekend Update, 1.19.09