FCC to Clarify Rules on How Carriers Can Use Customer’s Call Data

In the wake of the Carrier IQ flap a couple years back, the Federal Communications Commission wants to be clear about the rules around how carriers collect and store call data.

FCC to Public: Is Your Cellphone Carrier Adequately Protecting Your Information?

The Federal Communications Commission said Friday it is seeking comment on whether cellphone carriers are adequately securing information being collected on today’s smartphones.

Remember Carrier IQ? Well, It’s Still Around and Kicking.

After weathering a brutal privacy storm last year, Carrier IQ aims to show that its products are both useful and privacy-friendly.

House Bill Would Require Cellphone Owners Be Notified of Tracking Software

The move follows the uproar last year over software from Carrier IQ that collected various information about cellphone usage.

Weekend Update: Al Franken Still Not Happy About Carrier IQ

The Minnesota senator said he remains troubled about the carrier-installed monitoring software even after reviewing responses from its maker, carriers and phone manufacturers.

Carrier IQ: We Volunteered to Be Grilled by the Feds

The mobile analytics company says if there’s an official FTC investigation, it doesn’t know about it.

Exclusive Interview: Carrier IQ Gets Transparent About Its Mobile Monitoring

As CIQ prepares to answer the questions put to it by U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, it’s hoping to set the record straight with a definitive report on the functionality of its software.

Carrier IQ: How to Hack Back Your Phone

Worried about smartphone software that tracks your keystrokes? Here’s what to do.

Carrier IQ Speaks: Our Software Ignores Your Personal Info

If Carrier IQ’s software isn’t meant to log keystrokes, then why is it watching keystrokes?

Apple: We Stopped Supporting Carrier IQ With iOS 5

Apple weighs in on the Carrier IQ debacle.