Explaining What It’s Going to Do With All That Dough, Pinterest Unveils Stats on Strong Mobile and International Usage

Yes, you may say it out loud: Has Silicon Valley lost its mind?

Pinterest Does Another Massive Funding — $225 Million at $3.8 Billion Valuation (Confirmed)

Pin this! An even more ginormous pile of money for the social bookmarking phenom.

Everybody’s a Curator: Flipboard’s Mike McCue Talks About New Version of Social Magazine (Video)

I made a magazine about Pop-Tarts. Anyone have a problem with that?

Google’s Head of Shopping Says Company Has No Plans to Become a Retailer

It may be giving off those vibes, but that’s not what Google is trying to do at all, said Google’s head of Shopping, Sameer Samat.

Ready for His Close-Up: Ross Levinsohn to Join Zefr Board

The former Yahoo exec joins the Venice, Calif.-based video start-up, which is about to celebrate one billion monthly views.

Pickie Raises $1 Million as App Catalog Trend Kicks Into High Gear

The New York-based company is part of a recent trend to make shopping on the iPad easier and more fun than sifting through an offline catalog.

Didn’t Think It Was Possible? Amazon’s Catalog Just Increased by Thousands of Items.

Bulky? Heavy? Inexpensive? No problem. Amazon has added thousands of items it previously considered too uneconomical to ship.

Forget About Black Friday and Cyber Monday — Catalog Spree Is Ready for Sofa Sunday

Padopolis, the company behind the Catalog Spree iPad app, which aggregates more than 100 catalogs, has raised $6.1 million in capital ahead of some of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Wal-Mart’s New Apps Will Integrate Coupons and Voice Recognition

Wal-Mart is launching its first iPad app ever and is refreshing its iPhone app, providing a glimpse of what mobile commerce will be like for the mass market.

Upcoming Zappos iPad App Mimics a Fashion Magazine

The new black this fall: Retailers will produce content alongside their products, like an online version of a glossy fashion magazine.

Hulu Plus, Take Two: How's $4.95 a Month?