HP Says 2014 Will Be Good, Maybe Not Awesome, as Turnaround Is on Track

Earnings guidance hits the midpoint of what analysts expected.

HP’s Whitman Sees 2014 as a “Pivotal Year” in Turnaround Effort

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Whitman’s Turnaround Plans at HP Under Scrutiny This Week

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Lots to talk about today.

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Q&A With HP CEO Meg Whitman and CFO Cathie Lesjak: The Turnaround Is on Schedule

All is going according to plan.

HP’s Turnaround Progress Slow but Sure, Says CEO Whitman

“We are fixing a lot of the problems that are keeping HP from being great.”

HP’s Q2 Earnings Beat Expectations on Weak Sales

Better profits, weaker sales.

Amid Tech Slowdown, HP CEO Whitman Under Pressure to Show Progress

Worries that success seen last quarter was a fluke.

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Despite shareholder rumblings, the current board survives.

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