Huawei Pulls Back on Effort to Crack U.S. Carrier Equipment Market

After years of trying to sway American regulators, Huawei has decided to focus its network gear business on more welcoming markets.

The Mobile Phone Market Just Officially Became the Smartphone Market

The number of high-speed mobile connections is expected to hit two billion this year, and quadruple that by 2019.

Qualcomm Issues Upbeat Earnings Report, But Guidance Disappoints Investors

The company hiked its forecast for high-end phone shipments for 2013 and said the company sees its revenue and per-share earnings growing at double digit percentages for the next five years.

AT&T Axing Traditional Data Plans for New Customers in Favor of Its Mobile Share Plans

Until now, AT&T had given customers the choice of whether or not to choose a data plan that can be shared across devices.

Rise of the Machines: GE and AT&T Partner to Make Engines, Trains and Turbines Cellular-Capable

Planes, trains and automobiles — they are all getting cellular connections in the coming years.

T-Mobile Partners With Shakira as Part of Uncarrier 3.0 Launch in New York Next Week

The company is giving its customers thousands of free tickets to a Shakira concert in Bryant Park.

As Expected, Vodafone Sells Its Stake in Verizon Wireless for $130 Billion, Giving Verizon Communications Full Ownership

The deal marks the end of a long, largely successful, joint venture between the two companies. Both parties had, at various times sought to buy out the other.

AT&T Takes Its Aio Wireless Prepaid Service Nationwide

The company already had its AT&T GoPhone sub-brand, but with Aio it is aiming to establish a more fully separate brand identity.

T-Mobile Says Service Restored After Brief Issues Earlier Friday

T-Mobile chief John Legere posted a note apologizing during the outage and assuring customers he was on the case.

New Plans From AT&T, T-Mobile Put U.S. More in Line With Rest of World

Outside the U.S., it is rather commonplace to pay full price for a phone in exchange for being able to choose one’s service provider and plan. With recent moves, a similar approach could become the norm here, too.