Chairman and Co-Founder, Dish Network

Charlie Ergen co-founded Dish, formerly EchoStar Communications Corporation, more than 30 years ago, and currently acts as chairman of the board for both Dish and EchoStar. In May 2011, he stepped down from his role as president and CEO, but he’s still very hands- on, focusing on business development and acquisition tactics. And he has a very full agenda: Plans to move into the mobile business, via a proposed acquisition of Clearwire; constant battles with TV networks over everything from ad-skipping to programming fees; and an attempt to take on Netflix by reviving Blockbuster.

Posts With Charlie Ergen


LightSquared Files Bankruptcy-Exit Plan Backed by Fortress, Melody

Wireless venture LightSquared Inc. is seeking to exit bankruptcy protection with backing from private-equity firm Fortress Investment Group LLC and Melody Capital Advisors LLC.

Dish’s Charlie Ergen Looks Assured of More Spectrum as No Other Big Names Enter Auction

The absence of a big-name bidder to rival Ergen seemed a likely outcome after Sprint announced last month that it wouldn’t bid on the so-called H Block of spectrum.


LightSquared Sues Ergen, Dish Over Debt Purchases

LightSquared on Friday sued Dish Network Corp. and Chairman Charlie Ergen, saying Mr. Ergen illegally purchased LightSquared debt before Dish bid on the company’s assets.


Dish, Disney Gird for Showdown Over ESPN

Dish Network Corp. Chairman Charlie Ergen has long railed against the high cost of sports on TV. Now he has a chance to do something about it.

Dish and Its Ad-Skipping Hopper Win Another Legal Fight Against the TV Networks

First Aereo, now this: Tough month for the TV guys in their legal fights with the tech guys.


After Sprint, Dish Can’t Give Up the Chase

Having called off its bids for Sprint Nextel and Clearwire, the satellite-television operator is at a crossroads.

Dish Network Withdraws Offer for Clearwire

Charlie Ergen throws in the towel. Again.

Dish Drops Out of the Bidding for Sprint

Dish said the “extreme deal protections” included in Sprint’s revised pact with SoftBank made a counterbid impossible.


Ergen Keeps Rivals Guessing

Charles Ergen’s maneuvering just cost rival SoftBank Corp. $1.5 billion by forcing it to raise its offer for Sprint Nextel Corp. But the question remains, is that a victory for the Dish Network Corp. chairman, or a defeat?

SoftBank Gets Key Regulatory Okay for Sprint Deal

A government committee on foreign investment approves the planned purchase, with some key conditions.

Dish Toots Its Own Horn, Since CBS Won’t