8 Picks For Apple’s Next Head of Retail

Apple is once again on the hunt for an executive to oversee its retail stores, a keystone of the company’s success.

Macs Continue to Claim More Office Space

Uh, excuse me … I believe you have my Mac, please.

Needham’s Call on iPad’s Quarter: Hold on to Your Socks

Forecast: 20 million iPads sold.

A New Milestone for the Mac: 5 Percent of the Global PC Market

Buoyed by increasing sales in enterprise and explosive growth in the Asia Pacific, the company’s share of the global PC market passed the 5 percent mark last quarter, for the first time in 15 years.

Mac Sales Keep Booming, and the Fireworks Are in Asia

No surprises here: The Mac continues to kick ass. And it’s kicking a lot of it in Asia.

2020: Still the Year of the iPad

Competing against Apple’s iPad has been a fruitless endeavor for most who have tried, and sadly for the company’s rivals, that’s not going to change any time soon.

Bring Out Your Dead: Is Research In Motion the Next DEC?

“Wasted Research, downward Motion.”

Verizon Android Users Probably Just Holding Out for iPhone 5

If the debut of the iPhone on Verizon didn’t trigger quite the mass exodus of Android users some had expected, it could be because the carrier is more of a stronghold for Google’s mobile OS than anyone expected. But there might be another reason, as well.

Mac Sales Outpace Market… Again

There’s really no other way to say this: The Mac is kicking ass. Not only is its growth outpacing that of the broader market, it’s doing it in virtually every segment from government to enterprise.

Is an "iPhone Lite" Still an iPhone?

There’s little doubt that Apple’s share of the smartphone market–particularly in emerging countries–would benefit from a less expensive version of the iPhone–an “iPhone Lite.” But can the company even build one?

Analyst Warns of Global iPademic

Apple Stores Raking In Revenue

Palm Running Out of Time–Again