Kids Get New Tablets Over the Holidays? Here’s How to Lock ’Em Down.

After $50 in Angry Birds purchases, I’m now the wiser.

Toca Boca CEO Bjorn Jeffery: Adults Don’t Understand How Kids Play

Well, most of them, anyway.

Group Wants Mattel to Recall a Newborn Bouncy Chair With Built-in iPad Holder

The idea of strapping a newborn into a chair facing a tablet is a really bad one, says one consumer group, which is calling on the toymaker to pull the product.

Don’t Regulate Me, Bro! Social Casino Companies Band Together to “Inform” Lawmakers.

The social casino gaming trade group ISGA wants to stop government regulation before it can start. Whether it’s going to start is another question.

Co.Lab Accelerator Gives Its First Class a Lesson in Pitching Educational Games

The nonprofit partnership between and the NewSchools Venture Fund welcomes its first class.

Kids Won’t Read Investigative Journalism — But Maybe They’ll Play a Videogame With the Same Message

The Center for Investigative Reporting pours what it knows about school lunches into the App Store.

Samsung Gives Kids Their Own Version of the Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids is the latest effort by Samsung to create a product for every conceivable niche.


Apps for Kids Are Data Magnets; FTC Rules to Kick In

Some three years after the Wall Street Journal first tested data collection and sharing in smartphone apps — and discovered the majority of apps tested sending details to third parties without users’ awareness — the makers of widely used software continue to gather and profit from people’s personal information.

Limiting Wi-Fi Access Per Child

Walt answers readers’ questions about limiting Wi-Fi Internet access for family members.