Late Start May Be Tempering China Mobile’s iPhone Preorders

But what will sales look like after the 5s and 5c officially launch?

iPhone 5c Is Cheap in China if You Want It to Be

China’s carriers are offering plenty of on-contract plans that pare the iPhone 5c’s price down to a more appealing level.

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Apple Shares Sink Again

The downward slide in Apple shares that began last week following the announcement of the iPhone 5s and 5c continued unchecked Monday. Apple’s stock closed at $449.62, down more than three percent for the day. The most likely reasons? The company’s decision not to announce preorder figures for the new iPhone 5c, and a Wall Street Journal report claiming that China Telecom is reducing iPhone subsidies.


China Telecom (Accidentally?) Offers Peek at New iPhones

Now there’s one good theory about the reason Apple Inc. is hosting a launch event in Beijing next week.

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iPhone Deal Paying Off for China Telecom

When China Telecom first inked its iPhone distribution agreement with Apple last February, the carrier said the deal would help it achieve long-term sustainable growth. A year and a half later, it appears to be doing just that. China Telecom, China’s third-largest wireless carrier by number of subscribers, posted its second consecutive quarterly profit on Wednesday, its fortunes lifted by a 51 percent year-over-year increase in 3G data usage, driven in part by the debut of the iPhone on its network.


iPhone 5 Gets China Network Access License

Looks like Apple Inc.’s iPhone 5 may be coming to China soon.


China Telecom Prepares for iPhone 5

China Telecom Corp. plans to begin offering the iPhone 5 in late November or early December, which would mark the entry of Apple Inc.’s latest smartphone into China.

China Certifies iPhone 5; Just One More License to Go

A December-quarter launch is looking likely.

iPhone Subsidies Working Out Well for China Telecom

China Telecom’s decision to offer Apple’s iPhone 4S fully subsidized is proving to be strategically wise move.


China Telecom Earnings Beat Expectations

Network operator China Telecom Corp. on Wednesday reported a better-than-expected first-half net profit as user numbers grew in the face of intensifying competition.

New Markets Mean More Upside for iPhone

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