Our overall recommendation for new news organizations is even simpler than for journalists or for legacy organizations: Survive.

–From a Columbia Journalism School report by CUNY’s C.W. Anderson, Columbia’s Emily Bell and NYU’s Clay Shirky, entitled “Post-Industrial Journalism: Adapting to the Present”

Interview: C.W. Anderson and Emily Bell Discuss the Future of “Post-Industrial Journalism”

Step one: Open Microsoft Excel. Step two: Do everything else.

Eye to Eye

Tools for Taming the Media

Clay Shirky and John Battelle share their strategies for media consumption.

Bundles and Paywalls

As long as the newspaper was a bundle, no one ever had to care that people were buying it for radically different reasons. But once you go online, and people can unbundle things, where you can traffic directly to a story without going through the home page or any of the rest of it, suddenly what it — the individual choices made by individual readers come to matter a lot.

Clay Shirky, on NPR’s Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan

Two Last SOPA/PIPA Videos — One Silly and One Serious (Both Terrific)

These are certainly worth a watch.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Eric Schmidt and the Technorati Visit the State Department.

Sick of CES news? Are you in Washington, D.C., tonight? Feel like some ambitious party-crashing? Here’s a dinner to get yourself into: The one Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is hosting for Google CEO Eric Schmidt and a group of digital doers and thinkers.

Kara Visits PICNIC in Amsterdam (and Hopes Head Does Not Explode)

BoomTown is now right next to a canal–no falling cows in sight!–in Amsterdam, here for an unusual digital conference called PICNIC, which starts Wednesday and runs through Friday. With sessions like “We Think: The Power of Mass Creativity,” “The Emerging Real-Time Social Web” and “The Future of Business Creation,” it seems to be a place for big, messy Web ideas. But I am a little worried about keeping my head intact.

Here Comes Clay Shirky!

When I was in Munich, I ran into well-known Web pundit, teacher and consultant Clay Shirky (pictured here), who was on the “Exploding Media” panel at Hubert Burda Media’s DLD–Digital, Life, Design–conference held there this week. So I used the opportunity to talk to the always thoughtful Shirky about his new book, called “Here Comes […]

Kara Visits DLD in Germany: The Naomi Campbell Edition

Why was supermodel Naomi Campbell suddenly standing right next to German publisher Hubert Burda at the final lunch for his company’s DLD–Digital, Life, Design–conference in Munich yesterday? I have no idea, nor do I know why Burda broke out into song either–how much do you have to love a media mogul willing to do that? […]