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Clip Gets $1.5 Million to Bring Square-Like Payments to Mexico

The mobile payments movement is getting another player — this time in Mexico. Clip, founded by two former PayPal employees, says it has received $1.5 million to bring its mobile credit card reader and software to merchants in Mexico. The company said it plans to eventually expand beyond Mexico to other countries with large Spanish-speaking populations, including the U.S. Investors include 500 Startups, Accion, Alta Ventures and PlaySpan founder Karl Mehta.

News Byte

Land Shark, Two Wild and Crazy Guys and Schweddy … Yahoo Adds 38-Year SNL Archive to Site

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said in a blog post that the Silicon Valley Internet giant had reached an agreement with Broadway Video to “feature Saturday Night Live content exclusively on Yahoo! The partnership gives Yahoo! users exclusive access to the entire 38-year archive of SNL content as well as clips from the current season.” While a lot of the content has already been widely available across the Web (on Hulu and, for example) for years — thus, kind of stretching the idea of “exclusive” a bit — having it all in another place online, as the Church Lady says: “Isn’t that special?”

Ready for His Close-Up: Ross Levinsohn to Join Zefr Board

The former Yahoo exec joins the Venice, Calif.-based video start-up, which is about to celebrate one billion monthly views.

Ben Huh Talks About the Other New Reality Show, “LOLwork” (Video)

I can haz TV fame?

First-Episode Clips From “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley” — Dave McClure Is “Disrespectful” (For Doing His Job)

Hey kids, Dave is always disrespectful to me, too! (But I like it.)

Horse Flash: Apple’s Steve Jobs on Adobe Vendetta in 2010 at D8 (Video)

Why Apple put the popular software technology out to pasture.

Groupon Doesn’t Care if You Got the Memo

Didn’t you get the memo? Because it’s all in the raspberry of a memo the social buying site sent out to — well, everyone — last week.

Viral Video: Samuel L. Jackson Reads “Go the F**k to Sleep”

What more is there to say, except this viral video of actor Samuel L. Jackson reading a viral “children’s” book is hysterical. Written by Adam Mansbach, the book has developed a cult following — though it’s more for parents than for their children, of course.

Ready for His Digital Close-Up: The NYT’s Media Dude, David Carr, Talks About “Page One”

A documentary about the New York Times and its fight to survive the onslaught of the Internet called “Page One: Inside the New York Times” opens Friday. So, it seemed like a good idea to talk to the film’s star, media columnist David Carr, to find out what he thinks will happen to the Gray Lady in the multi-colored digital future.

Viral Video: "Page One" at Sundance

Viral Video: Howard Dean Scream, in GOP Redux