Read All About It! But Don't Watch–The Grammys Tune Out Online

The Grammys generated a flurry of online interest last night, but the music industry’s biggest event of the year is AWOL this morning. Opportunity wasted.

Hulu Rolls Out a Highlights Show–“The Morning After"

Miss last night’s Golden Globes? Hulu has a summary, along with everything else you missed on TV last night. But maybe you’re better off reading about it.

Music Sharing Service SoundCloud Raises $10 Million From Index, Union Square

Music start-ups have been a money incinerator for a long time, but that doesn’t stop investors from trying again. Here’s the latest example, which I first wrote about back in October.

Facebook Finances Focus of Bloomberg TV Tonight

When companies file normal IPOs, they go into quiet periods. But there has been nothing quiet about the latest financing behind Facebook. Tonight, an hour-long special on the topic will air on Bloomberg TV, featuring interview clips from key investor Yuri Milner along with commentary on the controversial Goldman Sachs investment.

Comcast Unit Finds New Use for the iPhone: Getting Work Done

While plenty of people are using their iPhones and iPads to watch video, a unit of Comcast is betting that the devices can also play a role in helping professional video get onto the Internet. Though a niche product, it is the kind of application that many expect to see more of as businesses find ways of incorporating mobile devices into their office workflow.

YouTube Leanback Freshens Up for Google TV's Debut

One of the things that Google thinks you’ll do with Google TV is watch a lot of Google video, via YouTube. That’s why the search giant introduced a “Leanback” version of the site, designed for couch-bound surfers, over the summer. And that’s why Google has freshened up Leanback for this weekend: Saturday is the first chance consumers will have to get their hands on Google TV for themselves.

Exclusive: Here's a Deal That Is Happening–AOL Buying Web Video Distributor 5Min

Here’s a deal we can confirm: AOL is buying Web video distributor 5Min Media–to fill in a big piece of the video strategy that CEO Tim Armstrong alluded to earlier this month. The price is between $50 million and $65 million, and sources say AOL plans to announce the deal Tuesday morning.

YouTube CEO Chad Hurley: Here’s My Viacom Victory Dance

How do you celebrate a big legal victory? If you’re a YouTube co-founder, there’s really only one option.

Why TV Still Won’t Embrace the Web Quite Yet

You know the answer, right? But just to spell it out: Even two million Hulu eyeballs a week don’t mean much for a hit TV show like “Modern Family.”

YouTube Steps Cautiously Into Mobile Ads

Did Web Video Just Stall?