Apple CEO Tim Cook Made $4.25 Million This Year

… but he lost another $4 million in performance-based stock awards.

HP CEO Whitman Just Got a Big Pay Raise

From $1 a year to $1.5 million.


Millions for Twitter Board Members

Serving as an outside director at Twitter is shaping up to be a sweet gig.

After Stock Slide, Apple Puts 40 Percent of Tim Cook’s Pay Package At Risk

Apple’s CEO was set to get a lot of shares, no matter how the company performed. New rule: If Apple slumps, he can lose hundreds of millions in stock.


Silicon Valley’s Mouthwatering Tax Break

When outsiders visit Silicon Valley, the first thing they often notice is the food: Cafeterias brimming with free gourmet meals and snacks offered to employees of Google, Facebook and other technology firms.

Zynga Rejiggers Comp in a Bid to Retain Top Execs and Tie to Performance

Money makes the world go around, but can it turn around the online gaming giant?

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Gets a Million-Dollar Bonus After Six Months on the Job

With stock up since she arrived, it’s probably a bargain to investors.


Netflix to Increase CEO Hastings’s Pay for 2013

Netflix Inc. raised Chief Executive Reed Hastings’s compensation package to $4 million for 2013, essentially doubling his pay this year.

Oracle CEO Ellison Got a Big Raise in 2012

Reed Hastings’s Expensive Year