Chess-Championship Results Show Powerful Role of Computers

Chess-playing computers, far from revealing the limits of human ability, have actually pushed it to new heights.

Stanford Human-Computer Interaction Expert Cliff Nass Dies at 55

Silicon Valley has lost a beautiful mind.


Scientists Build First Nanotube Computer

In an advance toward a future of smaller, faster and more powerful electronics, researchers at Stanford University on Wednesday unveiled the first working computer built entirely from carbon nanotube transistors.

Tablet Sales in Fourth Quarter Could Surpass PCs, With Annual Tablet Sales Set to Eclipse Computers by 2015

But smartphones still rule the roost when it comes to smart devices, projected to outnumber PCs and tablets combined by two to one by 2015.

Microsoft Wraps Up Windows 8.1 for the Holidays

All customers will have to wait until Oct. 18 to get the new software, Microsoft said.

Apple Takes Home Three Brand of the Year Awards

Harris Interactive names Apple “Brand of the Year” in tablets, mobile phones and computers.

Lenovo’s Horizon PC Turns Your Coffee Table Into a Touchscreen Game Center

The Lenovo Horizon “tabletop” PC transforms your coffee table into a game center. But is it worth $1,700?

AppGratis Gets the Boot & WhatsApp Ain’t Selling: The AllThingsD Week in Review 4/07/13 — 4/13/13

The top 10 stories of the week, in one convenient serving.

U.S. Writes Its Worries About Buying IT Gear From China Into Law

More hand-wringing.

Apple Products Appear Headed for Staples’ U.S. Shelves

Tweets from apparent Staples employees suggests that the office retailer will soon start carrying Apple products.