Buy the Stroller Now or Wait for a Price Drop? adds children’s gear to the range of products whose prices it forecasts.

First Profit + Top Score From Consumer Reports = Tesla Stock Surge

The electric-auto maker’s stock is at $66.81, or up about 20 percent, after opening up even higher.

Consumer Reports Survey Again Reveals That It Won’t Be on AT&T’s Christmas Card List

Verizon topped the annual survey while AT&T go the lowest overall score. However, Ma Bell’s LTE network got high marks.

Consumer Reports: T-Mobile Fudged Camera Specs on New Smartphones

So, about that five-megapixel camera … Now Recommending When to Buy and What to Buy

It’s a little bit like Consumer Reports, ´╗┐except that the results are driven by data and not people.

Consumer Reports Joins the Netflix Pile-On

Reed Hastings gets ranked behind almost all of his peers.

Stateside Facebook Users Still Leaving the Curtains Open on Profiles

Nearly one-tenth of U.S. Facebook users are still noobs when it comes to privacy, a recent study says.

Even if New iPad Is Hot, Consumer Reports Decides It’s Not Bothered

The magazine says Apple’s latest tablet tops its rankings, despite earlier concerns over its temperature.

This iPad Is Too Hot, This iPad Is Too Cold

Even as complaints come in about the new iPad running too hot for comfort, at least one techie says past models are too cold for his taste.

MyiPadIsWarmToTheTouchGate: Consumer Reports Sounds Off on Hot iPad Issue

The new iPad: Magical, revolutionary and warm — but not especially uncomfortable!

Consumer Reports Slams AT&T (Again)