Here’s What the Big Carriers and the Feds Agreed To on Cellphone Unlocking

Federal Communications chairman Tom Wheeler had indicated that if the carriers had not reached an understanding by year’s end that the feds were prepared to take regulatory action.

FCC Chairman Wants Carriers to Start Unlocking Phones Pronto

Act by the holidays or face FCC action, Tom Wheeler says in a letter to the cellphone trade group CTIA.

Ashton Kutcher Dishes on the Mobile Market and What’s on His Phone

Not surprisingly, Kutcher is a big fan of Flipboard, Path and Couple — all companies he has invested in.

Little-Known Phone Brands Hope to Make a Name for Themselves in Vegas

Hardware makers are turning to parties, stunts and events in an effort to fill the news void created by the lack of big-name announcements slated for this year’s CTIA trade show in Las Vegas.

Caterpillar Aims to Make Splash With Rugged, Waterproof Android Phone

The $349 phone is designed to be able to withstand a six-foot drop onto concrete or a 30-minute dip in a pool, all without adding too much heft to a standard Android phone.

Key U.S. Cellphone Trade Group Will Move Main Show to Fall in 2014, Discontinue Second Event

The change is an effort to move further from the shadow of the annual Mobile World Congress.

Americans Used More Than 1.1 Trillion Megabytes of Wireless Data Last Year

And if you laid them end to end …

Bill Clinton Highlights Global Cellular Success Stories as CTIA 2012 Wraps Up

Addressing a techie crowd in New Orleans, the former President talked about ways he is seeing technology, especially cellphones, creating new opportunities across the globe.

With No Apple or Amazon at CTIA, iPad Rivals Free to Sling Arrows

Speaking with AllThingsD’s Walt Mossberg, executives from Barnes & Noble and Samsung make the case that there is room for more than just the Kindle Fire and iPad.

Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile CEOs Square Off in New Orleans

There is no steel cage match, unfortunately, but the heads of the Big 4 carriers are sharing the stage in a panel moderated by CNBC’s Jim Cramer.