Jury: Samsung Owes Apple Another $290 Million

The verdict is the result of a partial retrial of last year’s landmark case in which a jury found Samsung liable for infringing multiple Apple patents

Microsoft Trounces Google in Battle Over Standards-Essential Patents

A precedent-setting victory and an embarrassing blow to Google.

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Damages in Apple E-Book Case to Be Decided in May

U.S. District Judge Denise Cote, the jurist who ruled last month that Apple illegally conspired with five major publishers to raise prices of e-books, has set a date for the trial that will determine the damages Apple owes. In an order issued this week, Cote said that barring some earlier resolution, a jury trial on damages — which could reach hundreds of millions of dollars — will be held next May.

There’s an Appellate Court for That

Employees … are required to wait in line and be searched for … merchandise taken without permission and/or other contraband. […] A large number of Specialists and Managers leave for lunch at the same time and/or end their shift at the same time. This creates lengthy lines and backups.

— From a complaint filed in San Francisco federal court by two former Apple Store employees on behalf of thousands of others, seeking unspecified damages for unpaid time spent waiting in line each shift to have their bags searched by managers

U.S. Patent Office Says Apple’s Rubber Banding Patent Claim Is Valid

Bad news for Samsung.

Apple Wants a Hearing Before Judge in Samsung Case to Talk Damages

Apple says it shouldn’t have to wait for all appeals to be heard before settling some of the damages issues in the Samsung case.

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Zynga Names Rival Game Maker in Trade Secrets Case

Zynga is now also naming Kixeye, a rival game maker, in a lawsuit filed against its former employee Alan Patmore, according to documents filed in court today. The lawsuit accuses Patmore of copying Zynga’s “most sensitive and commercially valuable data” and then sharing it with his employer, Kixeye. Zynga further alleges that Kixeye was aware that Patmore was in possession of this data, and on more than one occasion requested that he provide it to Kixeye. Zynga is seeking a restraining order, damages and attorney’s fees.

Apple Must Reveal Financial Data, Says Judge in Samsung Case

Can’t use financial data to seek multibillion dollar damages and keep that data secret, Apple.

Oracle Wants $1 Billion More From SAP in TomorrowNow Copyright Case

Oracle plans to appeal a judge’s ruling setting aside the damages award from the largest copyright verdict in history.