Google’s David Drummond Q&A on NSA: Same Denials, a Little More Human

“There is no free-for-all, no direct access, no indirect access, no back door, no drop box,” Google’s David Drummond wrote.

FISA Request Data Could Soon Be Public, With Google Also in Talks With U.S. Government About More Disclosure

Secretive government process might become a little less secretive.

Google Wants Permission to Disclose How Many National Security Requests It Gets

Google says it wants to show “our compliance with these requests falls far short of the claims being made.”

What the Tech Industry and Politicians Are Saying About NSA’s Massive Data Collection

Here’s a compilation of what various tech industry leaders and elected officials are saying about the NASA programs that came to light this week.

How Much Does Wall Street Hate Google’s Stock-Split Plan?

And how much can shareholders who oppose it do about it? Very little. That won’t stop advisory firms and pension funds from having their say.

Google Q1 Earnings: “Velocity, Execution and Focus”

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Google Calls Justice Department Second Request on Motorola Deal “Pretty Routine” (If Four Percent Is Routine)

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Google’s Schmidt at Senate Antitrust Hearing: Eric “Gets It!”

Google faces the antitrust music in Washington, D.C.

Google Fires Back in Android Patent War of Words

Google’s top legal officer acknowledges that Microsoft did, in fact, offer to bid with Google for Novell’s patents, but contends that Redmond is trying to distract from the bigger picture.

Microsoft PR Ninja Strikes Back at Google Patent Whine With Email Jujitsu

Google waxes on, so Microsoft waxes off.

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