Yahoo Acquires Xobni for Upward of $30 Million


Yahoo Offer to Buy Contact Startup Xobni Is at a Price of $30M to $40M

Yahoo’s new HR rule: If you can’t hire them, buy their company.

Jerry Yang Is Back (And Investing More Than Ever)

Frankly — and I would know — the Internet pioneer also seems better than ever.

Yahoo Conducting a Search for a COO as No. 2 to Mayer

Wanted: High-level worker bee. Turnaround experience a must.

Not All Yahoos Headed Out Door: Mayer Makes Filo a Direct Report and Bell Permanent GC

More on what’s going on at the Sunnyvale HQ of Silicon Valley’s never-ending turnaround.

Yahoo Gets Googley Q&A Tool at Friday FYI and Uses It to Ask About Exec Accountability and Leaks

Here’s my question for Mayer’s new query machine: When do I get my free lunch?

Yahoo’s Dueling Internal Memos: Board, Followed by CEO, Spam Employees in Race to Explain

Today, Yahoo leaders — all of them in two different memos — took to the keyboards today to fill their 14,000 employees in on what’s up. Reading them, Yahoos must be more confused than ever now.

Exclusive: Ex-Yahoos–Plus Chief Yahoo Jerry Yang–in New Morado Ventures Fund (That's Spanish for Purple, Natch)

A new $10 million micro-venture fund, led by former Yahoo top engineering exec Ash Patel–called Morado Ventures and funded by a group largely made up of ex-Yahoos–is about to launch, according to sources close to the situation. Expected limited partners in Morado, which means “purple” in Spanish, include former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel, former COO Dan Rosensweig and former sales head Greg Coleman. Ex-Yahoo President Sue Decker is also considering investing, said sources. Also on deck: Yahoo’s two founders Jerry Yang and David Filo, both of whom are still at the company.

If Yahoo's Going Social, Is Demand Media Back on Its Dance List?

Last year, Yahoo EVP Hilary Schneider and then-Media Group head Scott Moore had a summery seaside dinner with Demand Media co-founder and CEO Richard Rosenblatt in Santa Monica, Calif., right around the corner from the online publishing company’s HQ. While many speculated that Yahoo could be doing some friendly kibitzing to get a sense of where the eclectic network of general- and special-interest sites was headed, for a possible acquisition, nothing came of it. But now, a year later, with recent indications that a major strategy for new CEO Carol Bartz will finally follow through on making Yahoo’s massive but disparate service more social, especially in its content offerings, several sources close to the company tell me another look-see at Demand is likelier than ever.

The Yahoo Management Structure: Who Is In and Who Is Out?

On Friday, BoomTown first reported that new Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz is likely to be announcing a sweeping new management structure soon, which can only mean the possibility that some existing top execs are likely to be broomed out, even as some new ones are ushered in. “This is going to be a full-scale peanut butter recall,” joked one exec, referring to the infamous “Peanut Butter Manifesto,” which was sent around the company several years ago by former exec Brad Garlinghouse. It laid bare the problems at Yahoo, most especially a decided lack of decision-making and lugubrious levels of managers. Here is the sticky skinny.

YHOO Blew It


Open Season at Yahoo?

Kara Visits CES: Jerry Yang Emails It In