Facebook, Google, Yahoo Push FISA Courts for More Data-Disclosure Transparency

More Valley prodding of Capitol Hill on issues of privacy and data requests.
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Instagram Seeks to Hire D.C. Outreach Manager

Instagram, the massively popular photo-sharing app owned by Facebook, wants to hire a Washington D.C.-based employee to work with “governments, politicians and political influencers on how to best use Instagram,” according to a posting on Facebook’s job listing board. The position, first spotted by AdAge, comes as Instagram seeks to amp up its relationships with journalists and news outlets, aiming to compete with Twitter for real-time relevance during major events.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg, Other Tech Execs to Form D.C. Advocacy Group

ZuckerPAC, anyone?

Former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty Joins Andreessen Horowitz as “Special Advisor”

Silicon Valley VC superstar brings in another politico.

LivingSocial Experiments With Daily Deals, and It’s Like a Virtual Club Med

Welcome to LivingSocial’s 918 F Street: A virtual Club Med, or a YMCA on steroids.


Nation's Capital Bets Online Poker Is Lawful

Washington, D.C., is poised to become the first place in the U.S. to allow online poker, challenging the federal government’s effective ban on the practice in its own backyard. The city council approved a budget last year allowing the district’s lottery to operate a poker website accessible only inside district boundaries. City officials say the […]

Will Secretary of State Clinton's "Internet Freedom Agenda" Finally Get Traction?

Yesterday, in a major policy speech in Washington, D.C., Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jumped on the Internet bandwagon again, unveiling a $25 million government investment for entrepreneurs to allow dissidents to thwart “thugs, hackers and censors.” Since that’s about the amount a third-string social photo-sharing site gets while walking down University Avenue in Palo Alto, Calif., from venture capitalists with bags of money to spend, let me just say the money is, well, underwhelming. Clinton’s speech, thankfully, was much better.


Early Adopter: Pothole-Reporting App SeeClickFix Raises $1.5 Million to Help You Be a Squeakier Wheel

It’s a fine line between keeping your potholes filled and walls graffiti free and being a civic tattletale. Civic nuisance reporting app SeeClickFix lets you toe the line, and just got another $1.5 million from O’Reilly AlphaTech and Omidyar to help users keep at it.

Decoding Google's Net Neutrality Proposal Blog: The Pixie Dust-Free Edition!

The opening line of the classic J.M. Barrie book “Peter Pan” reads: “All children, except one, grow up.” Actually, that one too, and now the whole Internet is angry at Google and taking shots, because of its recent joint public policy proposal with Verizon over net neutrality. They are claiming the Silicon Valley search giant–in the most cynical of ways–sold out its long-standing commitment to the open Internet to make a corporately-favorable deal. Thus, Google took to the corporate blog yesterday to explain it all away in a post titled, “Facts About Our Network Neutrality Policy.” It practically begs for translation, so BoomTown shall not disappoint!

Viral Video: Quayle Hunting for Office

BoomTown loves political dynasties from any party with about as much enthusiasm as I have for tossing sheep on Facebook. Which is to say, none at all. Nonetheless, it was an odd blast from the past to see this offspring spring into the public eye–as in Ben Quayle, former VP Dan Quayle’s son, who is running for Congress in Arizona.