Carl Icahn Backs Down From Legal Challenge to Dell Buyout

Never mind, then.

What an Overlooked Court Hearing Means for Carl Icahn’s Next Move on Dell

Sorry, Carl: A Delaware judge ruled last month that Dell’s go-shop process was pretty good.

Zynga Shares Soar 11 Percent as New Jersey Moves Closer to Online Gambling

That’s the biggest spike the stock has seen in ages.

Some Tips for Staying in Touch During Hurricane Sandy

That old landline phone you refused to get rid of may come in handy right about now.

HP Lawyers Have One Less Lawsuit to Worry About

Paying ex-CEO Mark Hurd a big severance package was better for the company than paying him nothing, a judge says.

Amazon Seeks Greater Fulfillment by Adding Distribution Centers

Amazon is expanding its warehouse capacity at an insanely aggressive pace, having already announced five new distribution centers so far this year, including two since yesterday.

Judge: HP Can Re-Investigate Hurd Departure

A shareholder lawsuit seeking to get Hurd’s severance money back is on hold until the latest probe is complete.

Intel Will Pay Nvidia $1.5 Billion to "Maintain Patent Peace"

A cross-licensing agreement brings to an end what could have been an ugly and expensive trial.

Could a Settlement Between Intel and Nvidia Happen Today?

Could their dispute over a 2004 agreement end today? [UPDATE: Yes, they settled, in a new $1.5 billion licensing deal.]

DOJ, Tech Companies Settle Hiring Probe

Apple Expands HTC Lawsuit

Fox Slaps Back (Legally) at Redbox

Jobs Back on the Job, Says Apple