Intel Sees Signs of PC Market Bottoming Out, if Not Bouncing Back

No bouncy-bounce yet.

Tablet Sales in Fourth Quarter Could Surpass PCs, With Annual Tablet Sales Set to Eclipse Computers by 2015

But smartphones still rule the roost when it comes to smart devices, projected to outnumber PCs and tablets combined by two to one by 2015.

New Acer PCs Will Launch Preloaded With Pokki-Powered Games, Including Zynga’s

The partnership makes a slew of Web-based games available to download and install in one click.

Windows 8’s Big Day

On-the-spot coverage from the New York launch event.

Apple Unveils 13-inch MacBook Pro With Retina Display, Next-Gen iMac

As expected, Apple unveiled a refreshed 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac mini and iMac.

Microsoft Finalizes Code for Windows 8

Microsoft reaches the “release to manufacturing” stage for its new operating system, which is set to go on sale and show up on new PCs starting Oct. 26.

Dell XPS 8500, Vostro 470 Desktops Get the Ivy Bridge Boost

Dell rolls out a pair of desktops with Intel’s new Ivy Bridge chipset, but they’re not for everyone.

How Will PCs Sales Grow in 2012? Sloooooowly.

A bad economy, Thailand flooding and — let’s just say it — the iPad, continue to pack a wallop on the global PC market.

Microsoft Won’t Support Some Business Features on ARM, but Will Offer “Windows to Go”

Manageability features traditionally found in Windows won’t be there in Windows 8 for ARM chips; a new “Windows to Go” feature puts Windows 8 and business apps on a thumb drive.

Microsoft Says Hola to Windows 8 Beta in Barcelona

The company is set to release a “consumer preview” version of its next OS at Mobile World Congress. Check now for a Windows 8 primer.