An Old Media Veteran Goes Digital at Glam Media

Glam Media, one of the largest digital media companies, has hired magazine publishing veteran Dan Lagani as its first president and chief revenue officer, the company is expected to announce Tuesday.


Advertising’s Reverse Big Bang

Is there any chance of maintaining the $500 billion advertising market that we know today? Probably not.

Amazon’s Executive Team Is Shrinking

Amazon’s management team has quietly lost four executives over the past year.

Twitter Co-Founders’ New Site, Medium, Will Open to Public in New Year

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams shares more details about his new publishing platform.

Amazon SVP of Worldwide Digital Media Steven Kessel Taking Time Off

Amazon has confirmed to All Things D that Steven Kessel, a 13-year veteran responsible for the company’s Kindle business, is taking time off.

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The End Is Here Before the Beginning for Beyond Oblivion

Beyond Oblivion, a New York-based music start-up is shutting down before even launching a product, having burned through some $87 million worth of funding, according to a report in the Financial Times (link goes to a story behind a paywall). Backed by investments from News Corp. (which also owns this Web site), it had sought to bundle the service with hardware and charge a flat fee, but had trouble selling recording labels on the idea.

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DailyMotion Vet Joy Marcus Joins DFJ Gotham

Joy Marcus, who used to run U.S. operations at France’s DailyMotion, has a new gig: She’s joining DFJ Gotham as a venture partner, where she’ll concentrate on the firm’s digital media portfolio. Marcus’ resumé also includes stints at Time Warner, Barnesandnoble.com and MTV.


JP Morgan Raises $1.2 Billion For Digital Growth Fund

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. has quickly rounded up $1.2 billion for a new digital-growth fund, furthering Wall Street’s bold push to capture stakes in fast-growing private tech companies such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc.

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Revision3 Adds IGN President Roy Bahat to Board

Web video studio Revision3 is bringing some more digital-media expertise to its board with the addition of Roy Bahat, president of gaming media company IGN Entertainment, a division of News Corp. Bahat is a Harvard grad and Rhodes Scholar who did stints with McKinsey & Company, the New York City mayor’s office and various start-ups before joining IGN in 2007.


J.P. Morgan Plans New-Media Fund

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., riding the wave of investor interest in fast-growing, privately held technology firms such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc., plans to start a fund that would invest in Internet and digital-media companies, people familiar with the matter said.

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