FCC Chairman Wants Carriers to Start Unlocking Phones Pronto

Act by the holidays or face FCC action, Tom Wheeler says in a letter to the cellphone trade group CTIA.

Bill Introduced to Re-Legalize Cellphone Unlocking

Senators on both sides of the aisle have introduced a bill that would support the right of cellphone owners to unlock their devices.

Backer of Cellphone Unlocking Petition Sets Sights on Modifying Copyright Act

The man behind the petition to re-legalize unlocking of cellphones now has a broader target: The Digital Millenium Copyright Act itself.


“Innocence of Muslims” Actress Registers for Copyright, Refiles Suit

Cindy Lee Garcia, an actress in the anti-Muslim film “Innocence of Muslims” refiled her case in federal court Wednesday after an unsuccessful attempt last week to convince a California state judge to order YouTube to remove the movie.

Viacom and Google Pick Up the Gloves, Again

The YouTube copyright case — now more than four years old — won’t go away. In the real world, though, most media companies have made their peace with the world’s biggest video site.

Why the MP3Tunes Case Is a Big Deal You Won’t Notice

Had it gone the other way, EMI’s lawsuit against Michael Robertson and his music locker could have been a problem for Google and Amazon. And maybe YouTube and Tumblr and lots of other Web services. But since it didn’t …

Turntable.fm Pulls a Pandora by Booting International Users

The red-hot music service is only a few months old, but it’s already growing up: It’s ditching non-U.S. users in order to give itself a fighting chance of surviving in the U.S.

Turntable.fm Really Is Awesome. Is It Legal?

How did a start-up finally convince the music labels to let people share music with each other for free? Turntable didn’t. This could be interesting.

Here's Your iTunes in the Cloud, for Your iPhone–But From mSpot, Not Apple

Google and Apple both want to move your music to the cloud, then back to your phone, but they haven’t done it yet. But little mSpot has, at least for now.

Apple on Jailbreak Ruling: Go Ahead and Brick Your iPhone. See If We Care.

Sure, jailbreaking your iPhone no longer violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, but that doesn’t mean Apple supports it. So if you want to modify your iPhone to run unauthorized software, you’re welcome to do so, but not without risk or consequence. As Apple reminds us today, jailbreaking voids the iPhone’s warranty, which could prove problematic if your tinkering bricks it.

Judge: RealDVD Antitrust Case Real Stupid

Apple Wins Judgement Against Psystar

StealDVD? Well, You Were Asking for It…