Take a Trip Down Music-Startup Memory Lane. Don’t Trip on All the Craters.

RIP, just about every digital music startup that existed in 2007.

Apple Still Has a Giant Advantage in Digital Music, With 75 Percent of the Market

Spotify, Deezer and Amazon aren’t even close. Which doesn’t mean they’re not a long-term problem for Tim Cook.

Apple Signs Sony Publishing Up for iRadio, Too

Another hurdle cleared.


Apple Secures Warner Music Streaming Rights

Apple is inching closer to a new streaming music service for iTunes, according to people familiar with the matter.

Amazon’s New Deal: Buy a CD and Get the Digital Album for Free

Amazon is announcing “AutoRip,” a new service that will give anyone who has purchased a CD on Amazon over the past 15 years a free digital copy of that album.

Dogs and Cats Live Together, and Kid Rock Starts Selling Music on iTunes

Last year, Apple’s pricing policies were “un-American.” They haven’t changed, but apparently the musician’s mind has.

Echo Nest Raises $17 Million for Musical Big Data

Digital music can be a terrible business. But selling data to digital music companies like Spotify, Vevo is another matter. Next up: Broadening the market beyond music.

She Never Owned Any Music to Begin With

I wish I could say I miss album packaging and liner notes and rue the decline in album sales the digital world has caused. But the truth is, I’ve never supported physical music as a consumer.

Emily White, intern at NPR’s All Songs Considered and a senior at American University


Pirates and Profits: Three Reasons Why the Music Biz Can Finally Get Excited About India’s Billion-Sized Audience

Digital music distribution has made huge changes to India’s music industry.

Spotify Says It Goes Better With Coke (Updated)

No iPad app, though.