Rumor Mill Ramps Up Production of Cheaper and Smaller iPads

An 8 gigabyte iPad 2, and a 7.85-inch iPad mini.

AMD Gets Ultra-Competitive in Skinny Laptop Market

AMD’s new “ultrathin” laptops will also be ultra-cheap.

Supply Chain Chatter Has Two Apple TVs Targeted for Midyear Launch

The rumored Apple television now has a rumored launch date and a few rumored screen sizes as well.

Digitimes: Is a Mini iPad on the Way?

Would Apple ever make a tiny tablet?

Barnes & Noble Hoping to Sell a Ton of Nook Tablets Over Holidays

Sources say it has ordered one million Nook Tablets from its manufacturing partners.

Really? Two New iPads and a Reboot of Apple’s Entire Product Portfolio Next Year?

Two new iPads in 2012? Break out the salt lick for this one, because it’ll take more than a grain …

News Byte

LTE iPhone Expected in 2012

Apple has evidently found a way around the design compromises that have so far dissuaded it from releasing an LTE-capable iPhone. Industry sources tell Taiwanese trade mag DigiTimes that Apple will “join the LTE club in 2012.” Presumably by that time, LTE networks and the chips required to access them will be mature enough to relieve Apple’s concerns. As Apple CEO Tim Cook said earlier this year, “The first generation of LTE chipsets force a lot of design compromises with the handset, and some of those, we are just not willing to make.”

iPhone 5 Supply Chain on High Alert as October Launch Looms

Foxconn is reportedly pumping out 150,000 units a day.

Apple’s Higher iPhone Order Includes About 25 Million iPhone 5s

Apple plans to sell a hell of a lot of iPhones in the second half of the year.

iPhone 5: See You in September?

Dust off the urban camping gear. The next iteration of the iPhone is reportedly on track for a September launch.

iKindle For August?

Apple Ramps Up Holiday iPad Production