CFO Seifert Is Latest Exec to Bolt Chipmaker AMD

The list of senior execs who have left AMD since the ouster of former CEO Dirk Meyer is growing fast.

AMD Hires Apple’s Head Chip Designer

Jim Keller designed the original Athlon chips that gave Intel night sweats in the server market a few years ago.

AMD: We Will Hire No CEO Before Its Time

Finding the right CEO takes time and can’t be rushed, AMD says. As the search enters its seventh month, investors may start to get impatient.

Still Missing a CEO, AMD Is Hammered on a Downgrade

It doesn’t take much to send shares of the chipmaker AMD reeling by more than 2 percent. Today all it took was a downgrade by an analyst.

Big Surprise, Not: AMD Is Having a Hard Time Hiring a New CEO

Three people approached for the top job at No. 2 chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices have all said no. This is because the troubles at AMD run so deep that there’s little chance for the kind of success a potential CEO would want.

AMD Hires Its New CIO Away From Hewlett-Packard

Intel’s not the only company trying to woo executives away from Hewlett-Packard. Rival AMD just had better luck. Michael Wolf, HP’s VP for Information Technology and former CIO at Freescale, is joining AMD amid its ongoing difficult search for a new CEO.


AMD's Short-Term Chief Talks Transition, Tablets

Thomas Seifert says he never sought to run Advanced Micro Devices. But while he’s at it, he’s not shy about gloating over the chip maker’s next big product–-and giving clues about AMD’s aims in the mobile market.

The Problem With Those Rumors of an AMD Buyout

Rumors are rumors, but the ones that emerged yesterday that chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices is ripe for a buyout don’t take into consideration the numerous complications that stand in the way of such a deal getting done. AMD’s relationship with Intel is a big one.

Another One Down at AMD: COO Rivet Steps Down

The executive turnover at Advanced Micro Devices continues. Robert Rivet, who has served as the company’s COO since 2000, has left the company, according to an 8-K filing. His last day was yesterday and his executive biography on AMD’s Web site is already returning 404s.


AMD CEO's Board Fallout

Advanced Micro Devices Inc.’s board was concerned for nearly a year that Chief Executive Dirk Meyer wasn’t doing enough to get the chip maker into markets for newer mobile devices, according to people familiar with the matter.

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