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Why Silicon Valley Is the Next Detroit

We can already see what will cause the decline of Silicon Valley.

More Technical Difficulties at Netflix

This time, it’s the DVD site.

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Letters From SXSW: How to Be “Disruptive”

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Hackers and Engineers

The hackers and engineers of Y Combinator are doing what hackers and engineers do to any industry, they’re efficiently and ruthlessly disrupting the traditional model of venture capital and are going to destroy far more more wealth for their contemporaries than they create for themselves, as broadband did to entertainment, Craigslist did to newspapers, and Amazon did to traditional retailers.

— WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg

RIM: I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

A three-day outage leading up to the debut of Apple’s iOS 5 and the launch of the iPhone 4S? Perfect timing.


BlackBerry Services Hit by More Disruptions

Disruptions to Research In Motion’s BlackBerry service continued around the world for a third consecutive day.

iPhone App Goes Topless

Notflix, Redux