To Comply With FDA, 23andMe Won’t Give New Customers Genetic Analysis

The personal genetics startup 23andMe announced this evening that it has discontinued sales, after being warned by the FDA.

FDA Tells 23andMe to Stop Marketing DNA Kits; 23andMe Says It’s Sorry for Being Slow

The FDA’s main problem with 23andMe seems to be around the idea that it empowers users to make their own medical decisions.

Vote on New Brangelina-Style Name for Tumblr and Yahoo: Yahumblr … TumHoo … Ham.Yum! … Swishr?

Hey, you hep Tumblr kids — help us help you!


Scientists Store King Speech, Shakespeare Sonnets in DNA

Scientists have stored audio and text on fragments of DNA and then retrieved them with near-perfect fidelity — a technique that one day may provide a new way to handle the overwhelming data of the digital age.

Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe on One Million-DNA March and More (Video)

Can the personal genome company get people to keep spitting for their health?


Researchers Report Genetic Advance

In a major step toward an era of personalized medicine, researchers reported Wednesday that they have sequenced the complete DNA material of more than 1,000 people from 14 population groups in Europe, Africa, East Asia and the Americas.


Human Genome Far More Complex, New Research Finds

The deepest look into the human genome so far shows it to be a richer, messier and more intriguing place than was envisioned just a decade ago. While such intricacies underscore the challenges of tackling complex diseases, they also offer scientists new terrain to unearth better treatments.


Researchers Turn Book Into DNA Code

In the latest attempt to corral society’s growing quantities of digital data, Harvard University researchers encoded an entire book into the genetic molecules of DNA, the basic building block of life, and then accurately read back the text.


Web Sites Use DNA to Create Family Trees

Who’s your daddy? Now a Web site may know for sure.

Four Reasons Why Andreessen Horowitz Is Investing $10 Million in Belly

Andreessen Horowitz has invested $10 million in Belly, a Chicago-based company that is building a loyalty network for retailers that will replace punch cards with mobile rewards.

Now What?  The Post-Jobs Era in Tech.

Kara Visits 23andMe